A Second Chance

Our Story

March 10th, 2013 was the day we rescued our first horse.

Belladonis was a loving Arabian Filly, but she was thin and neglected. All this baby needed was some weight, a little ground work, and a lot of love. After Bella was rehabilitated, we sent her to her forever home in Texas, where she had a job working with end-stage children. This is what sparked the flame in our hearts.

We found our purpose in life:

To rescue and rehabilitate horses that have been starved and abused.

This was the moment my husband, our children, and I decided to become Slow Trail Horse Rescue and Recovery. Since then, we have successfully rehomed 2 rescues to the Orange County police department, and 2 more rescues to work with end-stage children. There is no better feeling than watching these beautiful animals transform from skinny, scared horses into horses with a job in life and a forever home.

In 5 years, we have taken in over 65 horses, and found them all a loving homes. Every horse deserves a second chance.

Every ride you take with us will help rescue and rehabilitate even more horses.